Avocado Anti-bite Webbing Snuffle Mat



Looking for something to tire your energetic pup / dog?

Is your pup / dog not getting enough exercise on very hot, rainy and cold days?

Is your pup / dog still not tired after his walk?

Do you wish to slow down the pace of eating? 

The PawzNDogz Snuffle Mats will keep your fur baby’s brain active and stimulated ! Hide some dry food / treats in the folds of the snuffle mat / toy and watch your dog hunting them by using their “sniffing skills” to locate the tasty stuff.

The soft yet durable machine-washable snuffle mats / toys have multiple level of challenges embedded in the designs to tire your pup / dog absolutely by burning their energy via sniffing.

These snuffle mats not only are energy consumers and boredom-killers, but also function as slow feeding toys to prevent your dog from gulping down food in a jiffy.

The slow feeding process reduces the speed of eating by 5x – 10 x and 10 minutes of snuffling is approx. equivalent to 1 hour of running !


Eating and treating has never been more fun !


  • ​Tough and Dense anti-bite webbing
  • Strong oxford fabric
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Suction cups
  • ​Combination with Lick Pads (removable)
  • Velcro for closure and portability


  • Designed in Canada
  • Size : Diameter – 25.6 in x 18 in / 65 cm x 46 cm
  • Material : Thick Cotton Polyester Webbing, Felt, Food Grade Silicone
  • Detachable Parts : Food Grade Silicone Lick Pad
  • Size large enough for being used by multiple siblings at the same time
  • Food grade Silicone licking pad with suction cup to attach to clean smooth floors
  • Licking pad can be used with wet / raw food / Canadian inspired
  • Licking pad can be used separately on smooth floors too
  • Large suction cup at the bottom to attach to clean smooth floors
  • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
  • Acts as a slow feeder too
  • Improved Velcro closing mechanism.
  • Machine washable, with hang loops for storage and display.


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