Wild Deer Antler Chews


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  • Chews will vary in shape and colour
  • Deer antler chews are long lasting.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 100% natural, organic and free range.
  • Antler is mainly made up of calcium which is vital for keeping your dogs bones and muscles strong.
  • Gnawing on the antler helps to remove plaque on their teeth, and keep them clean giving your dog a healthy mouth.
  • Our antlers are a great option for puppies who won’t stop chewing on everything else!

Disclaimer: We recommend always supervising your dog when they are using a chew. Also to dispose of the chew once it is small enough to fit inside your dogs mouth to prevent choking.


Extra smalls come in packs of 3, these weigh up to 89g and are perfect for the smallest dogs or puppies to start out with

Smalls weigh between 90-149g and are great for small dogs or puppies

Medium weigh between 150-249g, are suitable for all types of dogs

Large weigh 250g+, suitable for medium to large sized dogs



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