LickiMat® Classic Felix™


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MIMICS CAT’S PREDATORY FEEDING – LickiMat Felix enrich feeding time for cats by allowing greater activity, like they would experience in the wild.  LickiMat Casper and Felix stop “whisker stress” and allow your cat to feed in a crouching position with a full view of their surrounds, reducing stress and anxiety. The pockets are designed to promote licking action to extract food and slow down eating and make meals or treats last a long time.

Lickimat Felix, with its rounded pocket design, is perfect for presenting both dry and wet cat food along with soft and liquid treats like yogurt, purees, gravy or liquid treats and foods.

  • made from non-toxic food grade TPR
  • 22 x 15 cm/ 8.6″ x 7″
  • suitable for all cats (and dogs – supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew mat)
  • freezer safe and microwave friendly
  • Hand washable
Weight 0.065 kg

Turquoise, Green, Orange, Purple


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